How to Apply for a Land Equity Loan?

Land Equity Loan: If you have your land as well, it has equity and wants a land equity loan from your land, and it’s possible that you can use your land as security to take this loan. It will be good to change your equity into cash without selling your land if you have equity. So, if you want to do construction or build your home on your land, read the full article about land equity loans. 

What is a land equity loan?

These loans are designed for those who want to build their home or do construction work for someone else. They were taking this loan and easily solved their problems to build anything. You can borrow this loan from your land worth to use it with security. The requirements for these loans are stringent, and low LTV means loan-to-value, short repayment plans, and higher interest rates will be applied for this loan. This loan is like home equity because both borrow against the land, and your land will be returned after repayment. And if you can’t repay the loan, there have risks for lenders, and they foreclose your land.

How to Apply for a Land Equity Loan

How does a Land equity loan work

Firstly you must have to decide how much equity you need.

And check the requirements of these loans before applying, and some lenders will also check your credit, DTI ratio, and income proof. 

Then you have to check the loan terms and conditions, including interest rates and repayment plans, and sometimes they offer to repay the loan in 10-12 years. 

You must consider the loan amounts you need and understand that the funds are decided according to your land equity. 

There are several different types of lenders are available. You must find a trusted, experienced lender and choose credit unions or online platforms.

How to Apply for a Land Equity Loan

The benefits of land equity loans

After taking this loan, you can use the loan amount for anything you want. 

Compared to personal loans, these loans have longer repayment plans. You can repay the loan amount under the repayment period. 

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These loans have competitive interest rates, and you can easily afford this loan. 

The drawbacks of land equity loans

It would help if you had to use your land as collateral to take this loan. 

According to your land equity, the loan amount will be decided. 

With construction or utilities on your land, the lender will give you the 35% of your land value. 

Land equity loan interest rates 

Land equity loan interest rates are decided according to your land value; if nothing is built on your land, they offer a lower amount.

Land equity loan rates

 And it will also depend on many things like creditworthiness, loan funds, terms and conditions. Borrowers must have to choose the right lender which suits their needs. 

How to Apply for a Land Equity Loan

How to apply for a land equity loan

  • In Land equity loans, you must use your land as collateral to take this loan. 
  • You can take this loan from experienced lenders, credit unions, and banks. 
  • Finding trustable lenders from online platforms or local institutions offering the best terms and conditions would be best.
  • You need a good credit history of around 680 or higher for these loans.
  • The lenders can’t check your income for loan approval, but they check that income comes from the land. 
  • Small land plots are not qualified for the line of credit but will be used on a cash-out refinance basis on the whole land’s worth. 
  • If you use your big land area, the lender will offer more. 
  • Some credit unions or banks with construction lending can accept land equity as a down payment for construction loans.


Can you get an equity loan on land?

Yes, you can get an equity loan on land. 

Can a home equity loan be used to buy land?

Yes, a home equity loan be used to buy land. 

Can land equity be used as a down payment?

Yes, you can use land equity as a down payment. 

Who offers land equity loans?

Land equity loans will offer banks, credit unions, mortgage, online, and agricultural lenders. 

Who does land equity loans?

Banks, credit unions, mortgage, online, and agricultural lenders give the land equity loan.

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